About theMill Gym

theMill is a state-of-mind where the emphasis is ‘to get the job done’. The mind is the most powerful source of strength. Your psyche and performance potential is intrinsically reliant on your mental conditioning. To train the mind is to train the body. Fortitude and an indomitable spirit are paramount for success. Unfortunately, the rewards of attaining this type of state are only truly tangible upon acquisition. The proof is in improved performance in your given profession or pursuit and your ability to deal with the worst that is thrown at you.

We don’t profess to know everything. We train, we learn and we strive to improve. We’ve committed ourselves to gaining knowledge, attaining qualifications and practicing what we preach. We don’t open our doors to anyone just to make up numbers. We don’t sell our product just to advertise our brand. Word of mouth is how we do it. Which means we must perform as well as you.

The Mill Gym was opened in 2008 by members of the Australian Army Special Forces. The unique knowledge we’ve gained from years of committed training and exposure to some of the harshest conditions and situations is irreplaceable and difficult to duplicate intelligently. Our exposure to extreme situations and conditions has taught us about mental conditioning and how to compliment this with true functional fitness. Development of the mental tools required to deal with such hardship denotes the difference between those who only hypothesise and those who have experienced it. Some of those who train with us still face these situations regularly at the highest level and so choose to train in the environment we’ve created.

We understand not everyone can train with us in our facility. The Mill Gym Online Membership is a tool to share what the above knowledge and experiences has taught us, to give you an insight in to what we do, how we do it and why we do it.

Annual online membership is $250 per year. Annual members receive full access to the basic content package including Training Programs, Videos, Photos, and discounted Apparel.

10% of the funds raised via this Online Membership site will directly benefit the numerous charities we support. The income generated will also enable us the time and resources to continue to donate our time and skills to these charities and other community initiatives we support.